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Technical Support


MAC Email Setting


01 Open "Apple Mail" from the Dock, using the stamp icon.


Or click the "Launchpad" from the Dock, and click "Mail" icon to start Mail Software



02 In the menu bar at the top of the screen, select "Mail" > "Add account".


03 Click the radio button next to "Other Mail AccountíK" then select "Continue".


04 In the next panel, Add a Mail account, enter your Name, Email Address and POP3 account password. Then, click Sign In. Apple Mail will attempt to automatically retrieve your email server details.


05 If your server details are not automatically retrieved, you should enter them manually in the next panel. Locate your POP3 account details and enter them as follows:

    Account Type: Use the dropdown menu to select POP.


06 Email Address: Your full email address.
     User Name: Your email account user name.
     Password: Your email account password.
     Incoming Mail Server: pop3.yourdomain
     Outgoing Mail Server:
(Supposed you are using our smtp service, If not, please ask your internet provider the smtp information including smtp server, smtp port and whether ssl is used.)

Once the details have been entered, click Sign In. If Sign in fail, click "Sign In" again to save the configuration


07 In the menu bar at the top of the screen, select "Mail"


08 In Mail tab, click "PreferencesíK"


09 The preferences window will appear. Click Accounts and then select the account that you want to manage.


10 Choose the "Server Settings" screen.


11 "Username" in "Incoming Mail Server" should be entered your email address, uncheck "Automatically manage connection settings"

"Username" in "Outgoing Mail Server" should be entered the smtp user name, retype the smtp password, uncheck "Automatically manage connection settings",set its port as 465,Authentication is Password.

When the information is completed, click "Save".


12 Resart software "Mail",Click "Mail",select "Quit Mail"


13 When "Mail" is end, and desktop will be shown as below


14 Open "Apple Mail" from the Dock


15 If you don't find any email in your mailbox, just right click the "Inbox"


16 Click "Get Account Info"


17 When there are any emails in "Messages on Server", and the connection between computer and server is established.


18 To modify the configuration, click "EditíKíK"


19 You would find the status is "Online"


20 The software is receiving the emails from server.


Connection Doctor

01 Window--> Connection Doctor


02 When the color of smtp status is red, and you need to reconfigure the smtp setting


03 If you find that the status of "SMTP Server" is Offline in "Server setting", the connection between computer and smtp server is not good


04 Select "Edit SMTP Server List.."


05 Make sure the SMTP information is right, and click "Advanced"


06 Tick "Allow insecure authentication"


07 POP & SMTP connections are functionable.


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