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Newsbook introduces England's bank e-commerce solution to Hong Kong for the first time

Newsbook is proud to be the first Internet Solution Provider to introduce a more economic and yet more easy method. Our payment gateway is in England and the settlement bank for the credit card is National Westminster Bank. NatWest is the leading bank for small business, with the highest small business market share (25%) and the largest number of small business accounts.

Our setup fee is just about one-forth of the traditional local merchant accout and costs about HK$1,300 only while our annual fee is just HK$2,000. Yet the transaction rate is nearly the same, if not a little lower than the local banks. It is only 4.5%. Besides, with the England's National Westminster Bank as the settlement bank, it brings you the reliability and credibility.

Our detailed price structure is as followed:

International Merchant Account and Payment Gateway Solution
- payment processing facilities for a HK$1,300 setup fee (non refundable) and HK$2,000 annual fee, which includes 3 processing currencies (160 currencies available, Hong Kong dollars available). Additional currencies by arrangement.
- 4.5% Merchant Service Charge on credit card transactions.

With the merchant account service we accept Visa and Mastercard. However, currently any company wishing to process American express will have to register with American Express in the UK and they will settle the funds.

Our solutions are aimed at the small to medium sized business and it is very quick and simple to become approved for Internet processing.

You will receive 5 free processing currencies. This means you can bill in US$ if you wish to US customers and US% will come off their credit card. We currently cover 160 different currencies and we settle in 22 (which include Hong Kong dollar).

The only other fee you may incur is on settle on the funds into your account. We settle weekly after 4 weeks. (i.e. you will receive week one's money in week five, week two's in week six etc.) and the weekly settlement fee is approximately $4(GBP). We are working on reducing this fee by working with local banks in Hong Kong for settlement.

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National Westminster Bank's Brief Profile:

NatWest is the leading bank for small business, with the highest small business market share (25%) and the largest number of small business accounts. Small business customers themselves consistently rate NatWest ahead of the competition. In an independent survey recently conducted by Taylor Nelson Sofres amongst 1000 small business customers of the UK's high street banks, NatWest was voted top in six out of seven indicators for performance, service and advice.

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